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Dark Flame by JTF3
Dark Flame
  Kuntos' character Dark Flame.
She's actually the mother of one of his other heroes, Wraith, so she's a bit older than a typical super heroine, which is pretty cool.

Here she demonstrates her fire powers as well as her lava-meld ability.
Wild Bore by JTF3
Wild Bore
Wild Bore was a demented anarchist who tried to collapse modern society--literally.
Digging out the foundations of major structures and institutions his pig-headed revolution only lasted three successful demolitions before he was apprehended and put away forever.

Word of Bore's grandiose deeds of domestic terror caught the attention of Dr. Dire who sprung the porcine perp and fitted him with the hi-tech means with which to wreak even greater havoc. Now the full fledged super villain undermines authority across the Anthro Worlds with sadistic glee.
Reflex In Space by JTF3
Reflex In Space
Reflex, decked out in his cosmic Cyber-Squad duds, knocking the crap out of a retro sci-fi cyborg snake. While his stint as an honorary C.S. member was relatively short, he made quite an impact.

Also, Reflex's gear is bit more hi-tech which is why he doesn't need the fish bowl on his head.
Future Jay by JTF3
Future Jay
The Avian people were the golden children, the first chosen, the favored. Of all the races created by the gods of Anthoria, the avains were the closest to their patron god--Aviaz, god of light and sky.

Eventually their god abandoned Anthoria, leaving the avians godless and lost.

Their numbers having already been severely reduced by strife and war, the bird-folk spread throughout Anthoria, leaving behind their ancestral home and history.

Thousands of years later they have rediscovered their heritage, united again as a people and have thrived as a respected collective of Anthros.

Here, a young blue jay fashions himself after one of the great Stormreaver warriors of the time before the avain race fell from greatness.

concept by :iconwolfboi1:
Emily the bear by JTF3
Emily the bear
This is Emily the bear, a concept my wife is developing for a children's book.
She lives with her "mom", a lady who has had her since she was a cub.
Hey folks. To anyone stumbling upon this gallery, I gotta tell ya; the VAST majority of this stuff is going to be oooold works that have been posted either at Elfwood or Furaffinity.
Elfwood is a ghost town, but my FA is still very active here…


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