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The Mission by JTF3
The Mission
"The sword was as old as the Ra'koon race itself. Long had it been incomplete but it was written that the final piece would one day fall from the sky. 
Finally, a green gem fell from the heavens at the feet of young Neiko Bard. It was the final piece of the Sword of Cayos, joined at the hilt at last.
The elders put the Sword in Neiko's care, for it was now his lot to find the source of evil that had plagued their land...and destroy it..."

How about that Sonic fanfiction, huh?
A major part of the Sonic Saga fan comic that some friends and I worked on back in the day was the idea that the Master Emerald would get shattered and the pieces would be found and appropriated by all sorts of characters.  
Neiko Bard's race actually had a prophecy about it; convenient, huh? 
Neiko and Race by JTF3
Neiko and Race
ANCIENT (circa 1998) Sonic Saga pic.
Neiko Bard was the raccoon with a Master Emerald shard on his sword, and Race the Squoil had absorbed energy from a black chaos emerald.

Ah, fan-fiction...
CyberSquad6 Intro Story Chapter2 Page 25 by JTF3
CyberSquad6 Intro Story Chapter2 Page 25
The Onyx Imperium Worldship has made it so those citizens who are being held in the teleporting monoliths can neither return home nor reach their destination.
Something screwy going on here...
Hey folks. To anyone stumbling upon this gallery, I gotta tell ya; the VAST majority of this stuff is going to be oooold works that have been posted either at Elfwood or Furaffinity.
Elfwood is a ghost town, but my FA is still very active here…


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